Digital Solutions & Services (D2S)

The largest OB provider and broadcast system integrator

Digital Solutions & Services (D2S) combines people with technology for smart world. Based on clear understanding of rapidly evolving IT environment, the company increases customer’s business competitiveness. Owing to our highly accumulated technical skills and project management experiences from the broadcast system integration, D2S advances its business and services to other broadcast related field including infrastructure of intelligent building system business.

Business Areas

Broadcast System Integration

D2S offers reliable, efficient and trustworthy 4K and HD Broadcasting System Integration services with our experienced know-how, project management expertise, and end-to-end approach.

OB Van and Equipment Hire

D2S is the largest ob provider in Korea with 5 HD trucks, each truck has fully loaded production equipment to be able to cover major sport events and large venue shows. The company also provides highly experienced production staffs upon customers requests by having vest crew pool. Any production inquiries, contact us, we guarantee of various satisfactory hire services of broadcasting equipment.

  • OB Van Hire
  • EVS Server Hire
  • Wireless Camera Hire
  • Other Special equipment Hire





OB Van Manufacturing

From DSNG van to large production truck, D2S does coach design and system integration.